Cubits Evolution

Hybrid ROM Synthesizer


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Audio Demo - All sounds from Evolution

What does Evolution have?

Cubits Evolution is a ROM Synthesizer with a multitude of different sounds to suit any producers needs. Evolution enables you to not only load presets with ROMs, but to also edit oscillators by changing wave types and editing effects directly, as no features are locked away from user. Flexibility and usability are key to Evolution and it easy to browse presets by using category icons and categories to separate each section of presets. Not only that but the ability to favourite any preset you want. Also included is a very easy but very flexible search feature which with just a few keywords you can find the perfect presets for you. Each preset has been named in a way that resembles to the designer what it sounds like. Also there is a description for each preset which is searchable as well.

Over 500 ready to go presets!

If you are in need of a sound Cubits Evolution has you covered! With over 500 presets ranging in many genres from Dance to Drum & Bass. Crafted by top professional sound designers so you can utilize them in your creations. Don't be limited just by presets, each preset is tweakable and all modulation, effects and oscillators can be tweaked to your desire!

A fun and Advanced Arpeggiator!

Evolution has a seriously advanced arp allowing you to manipulate multiple oscillators independently. With a 64 step sequencer allowing you to edit notes and volumes or to simply offset velocity, endless built melodies with just 1 midi key! The arp also allows you to copy and paste patterns from 1 sequence to the next to allow for faster creativity! There is so much flexibility and with 6 different arp modes (up, down, up-down, random, arp -> matrix, sequencer) you can get started straight away! If you want to just modulate a pattern through the arp set it to "Arp -> Matrix" mode and use the velocity to modulate your desired control!

Filter Fun!

Evolution has 9 filter types for you to modulate and tweak! Each filter can be modulated and can give you a unique deep richness to your sound!

LFO - Low Frequency Oscillator

With 2 LFOs both adjustable 4 different waveformas and 30 Time Synced options! You can sync both LFOs together or have them run independently at there own speed. Each LFO can be used as a modulation source allowing you full control over your sound!



Limitations: Random Noise and Midi Note Cutoff every 20-30 seconds. Download Here (368Mb)
NOTE: Install library and VST into the same folder.


Windows Compatible - CPU with SSE2 support - 4GB RAM Minimum - VST 2.4 Compatible DAW